Brother Introduces New Line of Mobile Ready Printers
Client: Brother Mobile Solutions[12]

In order to fill a need for fast, flexible and creative point-of-service solutions, our client Brother Mobile Solutions (BMS) recently introduced the new RuggedJet Go series of mobile receipt printers. To support the launch, Outlook worked closely with the BMS’ marketing team to develop a content strategy and vertical content pieces focused on segments including retail and public safety. First we created a retail-focused white paper: ‘The New Retail Ecosystem’ – a key piece in the series’ launch. It was part of outbound email campaigns and is also available as gated content on the BMS website. [13][14]

Next, beyond the initial white paper, we created blog content to showcase how the new series supported parking operations and enforcing parking regulations. To build media interest, we also created an introductory press release “Brother Unveils New ‘On the Go-Ready’ Line of Mobile Receipt Printers,” which integrated with videos that the BMS team created to drive engagement.[15][16][17]

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