The community includes several Groups, each focused on specific areas in the DG industry (regulations, technology and lithium batteries, etc.). It offers members a wide range of opportunities to access and share insightful content. Additionally, they can attend educational events and engage with peers through open forums. First we helped Labelmaster plan, develop and launch the community with strategic support. Meanwhile we also developed messaging, content and a promotion plan, including an integrated digital and PR campaign. Within two months, DG Exchange hit 550 members. Subsequently, it continues to see high engagement on group and forum discussions, webinar attendance and more. Check it out, and let us know what you think![4][5]

Riverside Insights PR Outreach Supports Lead Generation
Client: Riverside Insights [6]

Riverside Insights is one of the leading and most long-standing developers in research-based assessments designed to help elevate the individual potential of students, clinical patients and employees/companies. Initially, Riverside Insights contacted OMS to support its IowaFlex™  adaptive achievement assessment launch. All together, the program included a phased media relations and social media campaign. First a soft roll-out began in Fall 2019, followed by a widespread launch in Summer 2020. Then we supported additional projects, including announcing Riverside Insights’ Battelle® Developmental Inventory, Third Edition™ (BDI-3™) assessment. [7][8]

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